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It’s never easy to find the perfect university, but throughout these couple of months Universal has aided me through this journey. Not only did I get accepted to one of the most prestigious universities in the world, The University of Toronto, but Universal has also helped me secure a scholarship grant that would last me for my 4 years of undergraduate study in total of CAD$100,000.

They have a team of agents that are quick on their feet and able to accommodate your every needs. This allowed me to truly discover my passion and preferred area of study, while not worrying about the completion of any legal documents.

I’ve recently been accepted as a 1st year representative of the Environmental and Physical Sciences Students’ Association, and none of these doors would’ve been open to me if it weren’t for Universal’s aid and guidance.



University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus

HBSc - Physical and Environmental Sciences Department - Specialist in Biological Chemistry (CO-OP)
Asal sekolah : SMA Xin Zhong - Surabaya



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