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highly recommended if you want to study abroad!

Ci Ratna orangnya smart dan ramah. Kalau kita ada yang tidak dimengerti, pasti akan dijelaskan dengan lengkap sampai kita benar-benar mengerti. Dan Ci Ratna orangnya sangat care tentang diri kita saat kita di sekolah luar negeri, selalu berkomunikasi dengan pihak sekolah untuk menanyakan pelajaran maupun keadaan kita.
Ci Ratna is the BEST

From Eric R

To Ci Elisabeth Ratna;
When people asked, who was your agency that helped you with all applications to college?
I immediately say universal, ci Ratna, even that person not specifically ask the name.
Why? Because personally I think she’s truly representing universal. helping student to achieve their goal in education

Professional and responsible are two words that suitable to universal agency, Mrs Ratna. She replied my email immediately in the morning (Canada and Jakarta has 12 hours differences). Her advise is perfect, as student I just simply follow her plan and everything is done. Her information shared about school is more than what it is written in the school’s website, that’s what I felt. 

Last but not least, highly recommend Mrs Ratna if you want to study abroad!
Jackson R   

Ci Ratna that I know is a good person, friendly, responsible, skilful, smart and care with her student. The message I want to convey is Ci Ratna must keep going, don’t give up with anything and wish ci Ratna all the best, always healthy and more successful for the future.
You are the best consultant ever. Thank you for everything. 

Best regards
Your beauty student, Jeannette


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