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From SHATEC to a business owner straight away!

Hear from our student who studied Pastry and Bakery at SHATEC, Singapore!

For me, Shatec has really helped me a lot in this industry since I had no experience at all in Pastry and Baking. I never stepped into the kitchen to help my mom or even touch the oven and mixer. I started with zero knowledge but with the help of the Chefs and teachers, I can finally learn to work in this industry.

After I finished school I went back to Indonesia straight away and started my own business. Of course, it's never been easy but it's totally worth it. I always remember Chef Steven told me that ” it's okay to fail or fall for the first time but always remember to stand up again. The most important thing is you actually learned something from that”

Shatec has definitely given me many experiences from class study to the internship. I learned a lot about teamwork and ethics during my internship time. The morning shift and late night work will always be a good memory for me.

Also during the time I studied there, I really had a lot of fun! I met different people from different countries and the chefs also very friendly. One time, I went to my chef’s house to eat and play during the Chinese new year with my other Indonesian friends since we didn't go back. We still contacted each other and sometimes traveling together.

Khaterina Cyntia Gondowidjojo

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