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I choose hospitality and I have fun here!

Universal has brought me all the way here to PIHMS and I am so satisfied with the service given.  I knew I wanted to go to PIHMS but I still had so many concerns.  They helped me to understand clearly all the university programmes by collecting and comparing all the universities around the places i want. They even double check the information to the person in charge. And one more thing that amazed me!  They know that I have dilemma which they were totally fine with all the sudden changes in the decisions I made.

They helped me from brain storming to the decision making. From determining a major out of several major options I had till I am finally here today! 
After taking all major into consideration, I chose hospitality. They convinced me that this industry will suit me!  and yepp,  they were right.  I have lots of fun here, I enjoy every single lesson to learn! Thanks for coping with my 'bawel'ness.

Verren Oracclle Kuswandi
PIHMS – New Zealand

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