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I was one of those confused high-school graduate that lacks the motivation to do the research for which university was suitable for me. I only knew that there are some people that could help me get the information, freely too. And thus, I did get those people to help me get the information of potential universities that suits my requirements.   

I went to multiple education fairs and education centers and basically looked around for universities. Long-story short, I chose SP Jain School of Global Management as the university I would attend to for my bachelor’s degree. I am so glad to be in this university.

Universal Education was the one who helped me print-out all the relevant forms that I have to fill-out, they provided me with flexible place and hours for the examination and interviews for the application. They also recommend you to apply for scholarship, doesn’t hurt to try. Very recommended Education Consultant to make your application that much easier!

I’m lucky enough to stumble upon a proper, caring education counselor that knows what they are doing and will take care of their clients the best they can. Thank you

Mark Wynton
SP Jain School of Global Management

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