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At-Sunrice Globalchef Academy suits me well!

March 25, 2018
Hi, my name is Steffi. I’m 25 years old this year.  I would like to share about my experience about my school programme and my career as a baker.

>        At-Sunrice alumni of 2015 ( Diploma in Pastry and Bakery)
Class : DIPB - 034
>        Currently junior sous-chef in B.A.O Singapore (Bakery Artisanal Original)

I knew at-sunrice Global Chef academy from Universal Services, an educational consultant in Surabaya. There was an education exhibition that they were in it, my mom was going there and was interested about it. Because she knew I have a passion in pastry, so my mom went to universal services ( with a person called ce Ling ling )some option about cooking school overseas.

She gave some choices and she explained one by one so that we clearly understand of what we want. She provides good information such as choice of programme are available, school fees, detailed school programme, cost of living there, and many other things. Finally we decided to go for a one and half year pastry and bakery diploma atAt-Sunrice” Singapore. So on, she really helped me to take care all procedures include interview with school, all the way until I started to study. The best part was they are so friendly so that we can ask all questions and doubts we had. They also gave us motivational words and act just like friends to us!
I graduated 3 years ago and got my diploma in pastry and bakery in Singapore, I also got my Hygiene license to be able to work in Singapore, and listed in Singapore chef Associates. I had my training experience at Patisserie G (Milenia Walk Singapore), in my school programme. Using all of those, I tried to find job here. It was not easy I can say to get a job in Singapore, due to limited work quota for foreigner. But yet, nothing worth will come in in easy way. Finally I got a job as a baker in B.A.O Singapore (Bakery Artisanal Original) until now.

It’s been 2 years plus now. Now that I can make a lot of breads, gain some experience with French chef here. I’m very thankful to ce Ling Ling from Universal Services she guided me to find what me and my mom is looking for. The school that suits me well, so I can learn a lot, gain more knowledge, and chase my dream as a pastry or baker overseas. Maybe next step, I will open my own bakery… =D

Steffi Tifani

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