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3D Sense is the best school if you want to learn 3D animation and VFX

Universal is one of the best agents out there. They have a wide variety of schools, starting from Business school, Animation School, Cooking School and more! Also, they work in a professional manner; they will help you and guide to get the school that you want. With their help I found the best school that teaches VFX in Asia, which is 3DSense.

3DSense itself is a really good school that pushes their students to be the top at their major. The teachers are trained professionals and will teach you and guide you to be the best. They will make you feel how hard it is when you’re working in the Industry and polish you to be able handle such pressure. 

3DSense in my opinion is the best school if you want to learn about 3D Animation and Visual Effects.

Jeremia Kenneth*
*Jeremia is also offered the ‘Media Festival Scholarship’ where they will stay for another 6
months after graduation to work on a short film guided by Hollywood artists. Scholars of this
program will graduate with a 3DSense ‘Specialist Diploma in Digital Film Production’  certificate.

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