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Unforgettable memories during holiday

Hi...my name is Rachel, I’m from Karangturi High School and I joined NUS Science Summer Camp on 4-8 July 2016. It was such a great programme I’ve ever had because we learned a lot of things and they facilitated us to know more about science.
There was nothing to be regreted to join this programme during my holiday because this programme gave me a lot of new experiences, new friends and new community.
Moreover, I am becoming like science more through a lots of NUS demonstrations, lectures and workshops. And by joining this programme, I’ve got some views about my future, not only learning for a whole day but we’re also playing and doing some quiz. There was also a city tour so we could sightseeing around the city.
It was a great moment and experience to get into NUS Singapore which is known as one of the best university in south east Asia.
Thank you Universal,for giving me a memorable experience and unforgettable memories during my long holiday. You’ve had fulfilled my free time with may useful things.

Evangelista Rachel Hepziba
SMA Karangturi, grade 11

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